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How to watch boxsets

Hi guys


i just brought a stick with a 6 month entertainment pass, however when I clicked on my chosen boxset (Chernobyl) the prompt told me I had to pay for it. I’m confused as I thought we got access to 300 box sets with the pass? 

I then tried to sign up for a free sky store account/ID using the website on the screen) and it asked me for my card details but wasn’t clear at all on why it needed that information, so I was reluctant to put my card information in. I don’t want to sign up for a sly account which is why I brought the stick. Any advice for this or was it just the box set I chose? Thanks! 

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Re: How to watch boxsets

Never mind, I figured it out, I needed to go to the now tv app rather than the sky store one! 

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