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How to change name of device

Hi there. 

I recently bought a smart tv which has built in Now tv.I  now wish for the original stick to go into the bedroom .So I have renamed it Bedroom but still the remote control doesn't work. After putting new batteries in pls help

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Re: How to change name of device

Hi @JoLewis15 


Is it just the on / off standby and volume adjust buttons on the remote that is not working or nothing happens when pressing any buttons on the remote controller when used on the Bedroom Television ?


if it's only the two buttons on the remote, which are on/off standby together with the volume adjust buttons then the reason is that you have swapped the stick with a different television and you need to reset up television command codes again by going into the stick Settings under Remotes, then select Remote, then select Set Up Remote for TV Control.


Should none of the buttons on the remote work on the stick after trying repairing the remote with the stick by following these instructions below.


Should none of the above work with the remote, then with the stick powered on, press and hold in the reset button on the stick for about 15 to 20 seconds to factory reset the stick and start again from scratch.


Should you wish to rename the stick such has Bedroom for example, then go to My Account > Device's whilst logged in here with your account.


Please note that renaming the stick doesn't have any bearing if the smart remote controller works or not where the naming of devices is purely for identification purposes only to help you if you have multiple devices on your account.

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