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Faulty now tv stick and rubbish customer service

Hi everyone. I just want to say how disappointed I am with now tv, their hardware and their customer service.

I have recieved a brand new now tv stick as a present from a relative that hasn't worked at all. I have been unable to set it up and get past the firmware upgrade. Every time I power it on, it tries to update the firmware, then reboots and sticks on the now tv logo. I never even managed to get far enough to setup an account.

I have tried to talk to customer service through the live chat but got fobbed off with generic troubleshooting tips. I was ultimately told the stick was faulty but that they couldn't replace it unless I had an account. I have been forced to sign up for an account, use up my free trial of my sky cinema pass which I now can't access and enter my card details. The person on the other end of the chat then lost interest and took so long to reply after an hour and a quarter that the chat timed out and disconnected me. I have a useless account which I have no means of using or accessing.

I am so frustrated now that I'm just going to post it back to now tv at their complaints address along with a letter of complaint and they can do what they wish with it.

Now TV, you have just lost a potential customer along with anyone else that I will tell of my very poor experience with you. I will be looking for an alternative solution.



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Re: Faulty now tv stick and rubbish customer service

I always follow up a rant.

I wanted to say that the rep did email me back, an hour after I posted the last message. 12 hours and 4 emails later, they have agreed to replace the stick as an exception.

I am a little happier to have finally been promised a replacement, but I am still so cross about the amount of time and effort this has taken. I am still in a position where until the replacement arrives, the free pass is being wasted.

If this had been replaced without issue, I would not have gotten so cross, would have recommended you based on good customer service and would be much more tempted to continue to subscribe to your service in future.

Listen up Now TV and Sky. It should not be this hard!

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Re: Faulty now tv stick and rubbish customer service

I bought my stick on Friday and spent hours trying to get it set up.   It was constantly freezing.   I didn't even try to watch it at the weekend, but yesterday evening, it was freezing up again.   The remote is useless.   Today I have reset it for the umpeenth time, then unplugged everything and there is nowhere to put the new code it is giving me, into my account, which is telling me everything is good.   

I simply cannot waste any more time (hours), nor effort and it is going back to where I bought it, as it is not fit for purpose.

I am not a technophobe and have never had such problems with Chromecast.


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Re: Faulty now tv stick and rubbish customer service

Don't use the stick. It will damage your TV screen in the long run. Buy yourself the new Smart box. We haven't looked back using it. It is the best we have used to get nowtv. 

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