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Fault watching Sky Sports on Now TV Stick - version 8.1.3 build 4170-56

I suddenly have a fault watching Sky Sports on my Now TV Stick.  The picture appears for about 5 seconds, then I get the four rotating circles.  This happens three times before it just continually shows the four rotating circles constantly.

It all worked up perfectly to about 30minutes into the Chelsea v Everton game.  I thought it may have been an issue with pausing for 4 minutes, but I have restarted stick twice and it still occurs.

My Roku stick which is plugged into the same TV is working properly However it does not have pause which is a drag as I want to pause it while I prepare lunch, and is the main reason I got the Now TV stick.

I suspect some issue with the software on the stick which is version 8.1.3 build 4170-56  Model 3801UK- Now TV

Can you fix it so I can pause games in the future?

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