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Disconnecting remote from tv



Is there any way to disconnect the now tv remote from turning off my tv?? Need my normal tv remote to work and since I've set the now tv stick up our old remote won't turn the tv on or off.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Disconnecting remote from tv



That’s very odd, as the NowTV Remote should just become an additional way to control your TV, with the regular remote unaffected. Certainly, this is how our Samsung TV/NowTV Stick combination operates.


I suggest you take the batteries out of the NowTV Remote, which will disable it, and see if the TV Remote then works.


If still not, then I think that by coincidence the TV Remote’s batteries gave out at the same time you started using the NowTV Stick; if so, put new batteries in the TV Remote, check it now works, put the batteries back in the NowTV Remote, check that this does not now stop the TV remote working.


If the TV Remote did start working again when you pulled the NowTV remote batteries, though, put the batteries back in the NowTV Remote, see if this stops the TV Remote again.


If so, get your mobile phone, and use its camera to look at the domed end of the NowTV Remote. If there is a light showing, steady or flickering, even though you aren’t touching any buttons on the remote, this can be the problem.


Take the battery cover off the NowTV Remote - leave the batteries in this time - and press the black button on the remote that is revealed by taking off the battery cover, for more than ten seconds.


If this stops the light, great, the TV Remote should now work.


If it doesn’t, you have a faulty remote, and should get the remote replaced, maybe by taking the entire NowTV Stick package back where you bought it and getting a swap.


If the NowTV Remote isn’t showing a light to your camera, but the TV Remote only works when the NowTV Remote has no batteries in, then I’m stumped, but you should still do the black button thing to see if this fixes it, and if not, take it back and get it replaced.


As with a properly working remote and a properly working Stick, the two remotes should happily coexist.

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Re: Disconnecting remote from tv



Thanks so much for your suggestion, tried the below and I have come to the conclusion that it’s my tv remote that has coincidentally broken at the same time. I’ve took the new batteries out of the now tv remote and put them in my tv remote and it still won’t turn on with the standby button but will by using the channel up button! 


I’ve given up trying for now - but thank you so much for your time! 

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