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Connecting to Hotel Wifi when there is no prompt

Hi Guys,


I'm currently trying to connect my Now TV Stick to Hotel Wifi. When I connect on my phone it looks like an open network but a webpage opens up where you have to put in a room number and an access code.


I've seen this guide;

However when I connect to the hotel WiFi I don't get a pop up box asking if it is hotel WiFi or a hotspot. It just starts trying to connect. It succeeds in connecting to the router but can't get internet access as I can't enter my room number and access code.


On the above guide it shows you should connect your phone to the now TV stick via a temporary hotspot, you then input your access code on your phone and the now TV stick gets access. Is there any other way to force this?


I'm at a hotel for two months and desperate to be able to use the stick. It's frustrating that the stick is obviously capable but can't start the right process. I've tried the now TV live chat and they haven't understood or the chat has timed out. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.





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Re: Connecting to Hotel Wifi when there is no prompt



Hi Jamie


Got a silly question but I gotta ask, have you checked with the IT guy on the hotel staff?  I mean, they've gotta have one, even if he visits from time to time or you have to phone him for help.


And, after all, he's the guy that will know his way around the hotel system to grant you Internet access.



UK Bob




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