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Connecting nowtv stick to a new router

Hi, we haven't had nowtv l8ng and have had a new BT router connected today, but can't figure out how to connect the new TV stick to that new router.


We are still on the first month of our trial package 

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Re: Connecting nowtv stick to a new router

Hi @chissheila2 


Using the nowtv smart remote go to Settings menu on the stick, then select Network, then select Set Up Connection and pick the SSID network name off the BT Router and also enter the password from the ID label indicated on the BT Router.


If the smart remote won't respond to the commands, then with the stick & television powered on hold in the small reset button on the stick for about 15 seconds to factory reset the stick and setup the stick again from scratch.


When prompted use your existing nowtv account details that you have been using for the trial.


Don't factory reset if you have lost or broken the nowtv remote controller that came with the stick if for some reason you have been using your smartphone has the nowtv remote controller.

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