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Auto power off issue

Hi. I’m new to Nowtv and have a stick with a smart remote.

I cannot wake up the stick after auto power off unless the power cable is unplugged and reinserted.

I’m sure it use to work when I first got the stick but now the only buttons that work are the Tv off, and volume when it has powered off.

I have re installed the stick as advised in the troubleshooting.


Any ideas, other than turning off auto power off ?

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Auto power off issue

Hi @Steery2day 


If it was me i would go into the stick menu settings under System then Power and re tick Turn Power Off after 4 Hours.


Then go into System settings again and under Control Other Devices re tick again the 1 - touch play.


Then go into your television menu settings and re enable the HDMI CEC control feature.


If the stick doesn't awake from a touch of a button on the smart remote (excluding the on/off standby & volume buttons which are designed to be used with your television only).


Then maybe try steps 6 first on this linked trouble shooting guide and if it still persists maybe try a full factory reset by following step 2 on the link but instead of holding in the reset button for just 6 seconds try holding in the reset button on the stick for about 15 to 20 secs.