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Anyone Else Had Remote Stop Working And/Or Flickering Issues?

Hi, I wanted to post a poll but I'm not sure how to do that. Anyway, I am on my second Now TV device and this is the second time I have experienced the remote stop working/responding and also the issue where the screen flickers on and off when in 1080p mode despite having worked fine previously.


How many other people have experienced these issues? Is it a regular thing with Now TV devices and has anyone experienced anything similar with other Roku devices?


I have done a live chat with NTV this morning and they have ordered me a third smart stick now but if this keeps happening then surely there's something wrong with the devices themselves?


I'm thinking of getting a Chromecast so I can just stream NTV from my smartphone or iPad and it might work better, either that or an Apple TV.


It would be interesting to see how many people this is effecting and maybe Now TV might look into it and do something about it.

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