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two box's different quality

I have 2 Now box's. Tonight I watched he one in the dining room which showed a perfect quality movie. I later went into the living room and the movie I watched in there was pixilated. Not big pixels but a deffinate poor quality stream. Why is this. Thanks.
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@Anonymous User


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Could be a few causes but probably due to poor wifi connection. If it usually works fine it may just be a temporary blip and you find it streams fine the next time you try, although rebooting the router is often worth a try.


However it's useful to make  sure the box is in an open space, not tucked behind or under the TV, or on a crowded shelf. Sometimes moving the box from one side of the TV to another may help, or a different place one room, cables permitting. Also if you have the black NOW TV box, connecting via an Ethernet cable would help, although this often isn't practical if the router isn't nearby.


It's also possible that changing the wifi channel on the router may help (if it's set on auto then rebooting the router should make it select the current best choice).

If the issue repeats consistently  you can always post back.

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