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Using now tv with existing skyplus box

Hi I am new to Now TV and have a question about using the now TV box and still keeping a sky plus box running alongside.


I have signed up for both Now TV fibre and The Sky sports packages. I have just left sky after many years which I had broadband and sky entertainment plus sports.


I am wondering if I can only use the Now TVbox to watch sky sports or other packages if purchased but still use my sky box to watch standard freesat channels?

If so can I plug the network cable into the sky and then feed another to the now TV box? Also would the hdmi have to use 2 x hdmi cables, and from the now TV box and one from the skyplus to the TV. It's quite complicated to use both. Or would it be easier to use the stick version?

Any help would be appreciated because if we lose certain channels my wife will be giving me earache lol


Regards Dan

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You should be able to connect both up with seperate hdmi cables, then switch between the 2 via your tv depending on which one you want to watch. 


If you dont have sufficient hdmi ports in your tv, you can purchase a hdmi splitter for around £15 (mine came with a remote), plug both into the splitter and then the splitter into the tv. 

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