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Urgent set up error help

Hi I posted this thread yesterday

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Re: Urgent set up error help


I posted a thread about set up errors I was having with 2 separate now TV sticks bought from Asda 


After getting to the "get started" page and entering activation code on my mobile it was displaying "oops" error page


I tried 2x sticks on 3 different TV with factory resets etc and no solution


In frustration I bought a nowtv box instead today.


Again all going well until I enter activation code and login to the account I created yesterday - instantly takes me to the "oops something went wrong" page.  I press back and it takes me to the get started page which in turn takes me to the oops page!!


I hae now tried 2x sticks and 1x box.  On 3 different televisions using wired, wireless and mobile hotspot connections.   Factory resting never takes me back to receiving another activation code so it's not like I can even choose to set up a new account.  I just get stuck in am endless cycle of get started/oops!!


Online help have no idea why.  It's as if my initial activation/entering login is bricking the devices


I took a video of my setup process from factory reset u til error page





Can anyone help I am going insane here

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