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Re: Unwanted WiFi

Hi @RoyB 


My IT & Networking skills are not the best to be honest, where i have downloaded a wifi Analyser App onto my Android Tablet like you said.


The information on the App is saying that the Roku Direct SSID is on 5ghz channel 36, the same channel used on the 5ghz band on my Hub 2 Router according to the App.


Though i tend to use the 2.4ghz band on my Router with all my wifi connected devices and my NowTV 4K Smart box is hardwired via Ethernet directly into a 8 port unmanaged Ethernet Hub.

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Re: Unwanted WiFi

@schnapps  - Thanks for the info on that hidden menu. 


Alas most of the wireless options didn't seem to do anything. Power did seem to cut the power of the transmitter a little for a while but I think it reverted to whatever the original setting was after a bit (I'm guessing after it had been in standby) 


It seems a strange behaviour on Roku's part to set a WiFi transmitter to continually hunt down & out power your router.


I guess I need to live with it or pick up one of the standard Roku IR remotes so that I can disable wireless on the box. It's a shame as with the Ethernet I'm getting the full 720p on the Now TV channels & the 4K HDR on Netflix.

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