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Unauthorised Purchase via Now TV Smart Box

Just got a shock when i received an email that I had bought a Kids Pass.. thankfully it only activated the free trial so i could cancel right away. Issue was my father has difficulty using the Smart Box as there are no channel numbers on the remote so had bought the pass by mistake... good job it wasnt a Sport month pass. Anyhow i think i have resolved the issue by activating a Payment PIN so i hope it wont happen again, maybe it would be an idea to set up payment PIN at installation or registration to avoid this issue.

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User Welcome to the forum. Yeah unfortunately it's possible to buy passes direct from the NOW TV box so without a payment PIN active accidental purchases can be made. If you've added the payment PIN now that will stop the same happening in future.


Dont know if you use the Sky Store app on the box, but if you do theres a separate payment PIN for that service which you can enable by logging into the Sky Store website.

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