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Re: TV Guide Disappeared!!

You gotta be kidding....i have the now box and get freeview on it.

Bought the stick to watch upstairs...bit sneaky that....think ill be returning it now....whats the point if you dont have all options??

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Re: TV Guide Disappeared!!

If your NOWTV app and TV Channels menu options go missing. The factory resets from the menues (advanced or hidden developer menu) may not work. You won't get the flying popcorn start-up animation and will likely get a cold blue NOWTV.


To reset the box properly you need to do a hard reset. For the blue boxes, this means turning them over and you will see a small rectangular rubber "reset" button . One the NOWTV is powered on, press the 'reset' for a few seconds to fully reset. 


You may not have to re-enter your wireless settings, account or apps . I didn't, although I did have a microSD card in the back so whether that made a difference to settings memory I don't know.


Try blowing through the air vents to remove the dust to stop it overheating in the future - do it outside and be prepared for a snowstorm of dust if its a few years old. 🙂


Re: TV Guide Disappeared!!

I would second this advice! This loss of TV Guide happened to me today. Had the box about 18 months and its been absolutely fine. Was watching movies last night and then when I turned it on this morning no TV Guide. All I had on menu was:


My Apps


App Store



I tried reset through the menu settings system, turning on and off, disconnecting from the web, thanks to this forum found the 'secret menu' (home x 5, fast forward x 3 and rewind x 2) and tried forced update, even tried downloading the nowTV app and logging in through there but it wouldn't let me even access it, I went onto the app on my phone just to check that it was actually working and it was fine through that app. Anyway nothing worked. Then located factory reset on my smart box (I have blue logo NowTv Smart Box with rewind FF and pause) on the underneath of the box, had to do it a couple of times before it worked (second time I pressed it and kept it pressed for about 30 seconds) Things seem to be fine now fingers crossed!

I didn't have to re enter internet settings or log in again. I noticed about a week or so ago that I no longer get the popcorn start up animation, its just a blue NowTv screen with logo but this is the first time the box has FUBAR'd on me.


Good luck to anyone experiences this!


Re: TV Guide Disappeared!!

I had this issue today. After factory reset, uploading the software again. Restarting, reset using the button, finally resolved after reconnecting the leads to the the aerial.

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Re: TV Guide Disappeared!!

I have the box with the tv guide, probably bought it 2 years ago. Have had to reset it 3 times now. Tonight I tried all the options but all that worked was holding the reset button until I had to do a completely new set up. Not exactly ideal really and I would not recommend this piece of plastic to anyone until it is more stable. Firestick next I think.

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