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Smart tv box with freeview channels

Hi there im in the process of buying a now tv smart box with freeview channels

Ive recently moved into a 6 room house in which im renting one of the rooms, in my room is an aerial socket that leads to the main aerial on the roof 

I dont have broadband in the room im renting... Other people have individual wifi in the rooms they are renting.. If i was to purchase this now tv smart box would i be able to watch the freeview channels on it by plugging an aerial from the wall socket in the box... Even without broadband...

Plus any ideals on the best solution of getting broadband for just my room even tho its gonna be running proberly through the same land line from the house... Any help on these topics would be much appreciated 

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@Anonymous User 


Hi Buzzed


Give Now TV a ring on the following number:


0800 759 1213


They should be able to help you out, especially if you are a perspective new customer.



UK Bob


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Hi @Anonymous User 


You really need some sort of internet connection to initially setup the NowTV Freeview Smart box and also need an internet connection when there is a major firmware update needed on the box.


Without the internet, then these streaming boxes are pointless where you will have no access to any Apps.


If you are looking for a way of watching Freeview, then i would just use the inbuilt Freeview tuner on your television (assuming that you are in a good Freeview coverage area and the TV aerial in the accommodation you are at is working correctly).


If you are using a PC monitor, instead of a television with Freeview, then look at some sort of Freeview dongle external device that can connect to your PC monitor that doesn't need an internet connection for it to work.


I am assuming you are in some sort of rented accommodation and if so you will be better off firstly speaking to your Landlord on your options to have internet in your accommodation.