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Smart Box Connects on 2.4ghz but not 5ghz



I got my smart box today and on the whole, I'm very pleased with it. I didn't need to record content

and everything else seems great.


However, there is one annoyance. I have the box connected via 2.4ghz wireless which works just fine. But I'd

like to connect on 5ghz and although the box can see and will connect to my router (An Asus RT-AC68U) it will

not connect to my network and therefore the internet. Things tried so far.


1) Removed firewall from router

2) Removed password from SSID

3)  Gone into the secret menu on the smart box and disabled network pings.

4) moved wireless channels .

5) Assigned IP and allowed mac address in router

6) Disabled all mac filtering to allow all machines to connect


Connects in seconds to the other band and there is no config that is applied to the 2.4ghz that is not applied to the 5ghz.


Does anyone else have this issue?


oh its worth mentioning it works fine on wired connection to the same router also.



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I suspect it will be the channel your router is prodcasting on at 5ghz. For example, when my router is set to channels 36 to 44 a connection possible. If the channel is above this, I am not able connect my box either at 5ghz.


However as the bandwidth for video streaming is only 3-4mbps, I've had no performance issues at 2.4ghz.


Maybe, router is set on auto and broadcasts on 44 I've checked we are not overlapping or anything, for now 2.4 is working, it's just annoying
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 @Krystan .. I have heard people having issues with 5ghz and solving it by having separate SSID names for the networks.. E.g. Mynetwork and Mynetwork_5.