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Poor signal

My signal is terrible unwatchable on nearly every channel whether good or bad weather. I can't believe you charge so much for this considering im only really able to use the internet. Can somebody please tell me what is going on this has become unbearable and im considering now changing provider.

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schnapps Legend 4
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Re: Poor signal

Hi @Kayleighp86


Do you mean the Freeview TV channels on the smart box is showing poor TV signal off your TV aerial.


Out of curisoity are you using a fixed external TV aerial or some sort of portable indoor aerial ?


What's the TV signal picture like when you plug the TV aerial straight into the back of your TV and watch on the inbuilt TV's Freeview tuner ?

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Scholar 3

Re: Poor signal

When you say 'signal' do you mean your aerial signal for the terrestrial channels (BBC etc) or is it your wifi signal which is affecting the NowTV channels (Sky Living etc)?


Oops! I see @schnapps has got to you first Smiley LOL