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Now Smart box 4g No Tv guide

Hello all


really hope someone is able to help. We've just received our smart tv box and replaced a stick ... although there is no TV guide which means you have to go into each app... which is really disappointing... you can see what is on now or next and need to come out of each app and I to another just to see what's on the other main channels. This was bought so we could have our normal channels, our freeview channels and our NOW tv channels all in one place ... but it's not like that at all... can anyone advise or help please ... I'm not very techno so appreciate any help anyone can give us 


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Re: Now Smart box 4g No Tv guide

Hi @Anuvaday

If you mean the new 4K nowtv smart box with the pink nowtv logo on the box, then some bad news i am afraid this box doesn't offer the over the air Freeview TV channels Smiley Sad

On the smart remote controller there is a quick access TV guide button which will take you to the main now & next TV guide for the various nowtv live channels (i.e nowtv entertainment, movies, sports & kids).

There will be no Freeview now and next TV guide, because the box is not Freeview compatible Smiley Sad

The only nowtv device in their product range that offers live Freeview TV channels is the older discontinued nowtv smart Freeview box like shown in the photo below where you need to connect a TV aerial at the rear of the box.

Please note, this box doesn't have a full 7 day EPG TV guide (only now & next) and doesn't offer any recording functions, apart from a 30 min live pause & rewind feature.Smart_Box_main.png




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