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New NOW TV Smart Box - Problem with my TV channels

I can watch my NOW TV box through my normal television using an HDMI connection and when I switch back to my normal television to watch normal TV channels the signal on my television channels have interference and on some the signal is lost. When I switch the NOW TV box off the normal television channels come back on with a signal strength of 100%.


I have tried another NOW TV box with the same problem I think the NOW TV box signal must be interfering with my TV Tuner.


Anybody had this problem before is it resolved??

When I contact NOW TV online or by email they dont seem to understand they keep saying reboot your Now TV Box and we dont support digital TV issues, I cant make them understand its their box causing the interference!!


Anyone help?



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@Anonymous User do you have a smart box or the smaller black box? What type of aerial are you using?
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Anonymous User
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Hi and thanks for your reply.


I am using the new smart box, however I also have a black box and another smart box all produce the same problem. My TV using its own tuner has a problem with the signal strength and quality when the Now TV box is switched on and connected to the TV using the HDMI I have also tried using a different HDMI with still the same problem.


Its as though the Now TV box conlicts with the TV tuner and degrades the signal, my aerial is fine as when the Now Tv box is off or disconnected from the TV the signal shows 100%.




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@Anonymous User If you're seeing the same things happen with both boxes and your other devices then it sounds like it could be an internal issue on the TV, possibly some shielding problem or internal electrical interference causing the problem.


Whilst I wouldn't go buying any new cables if you have any spare coaxial aerial cables, you could also try swapping that to see if poor shielding on the cable might be an issue, and also look at how your devices are positioned to make sure the coax cable isn't mixed up with power cables or too close to wifi devices such as your boxes, try moving things around a bit to see if it helps. Also at this time of year make sure devices and cables aren't too close to Christmas lights. However, as mentioned it doesn't sound like this is the likely cause - it does sound like a TV issue. 


You could always connect your aerial cable to the NOW TV Smart Box and use it's internal Freeview tuner to watch terrestrial TV instead of the TV's tuner, although you may prefer to use the TV for terrestrial TV as the box interface is rather basic. Otherwise it looks like you might just have to keep powering down the box when watching your TV tuner. 

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