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NOW TV Smart Box not functioning correctly since latest update

having switched on my now tv smart box and noticed the latest update has been installed. I am now unable to access now entertainment channels from the TVguide. I now have to launch thenow tv app and view the entertainment channels through the app.

Will you be releasing a patch to resolve this issue

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Might be worth going into the Box under Settings > System > System Update to see if there is another update that needs adding to the box.


What i have noticed on the Now Boxes & NOW Stick since the latest NOW rebrand is that there are a few updates rolled out in different patches and more than one system update is needed.

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i had the same problem this morning I went into

settings and there was another upgrade to download when I did this I could watch again.Have to say don’t know what they have done but the whole system is very slow now it wasn’t fast before but now it’s very slow.Even the website is slow Now Tv really need to get there act together.




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many thanks for the help. I gave up late last night. I will check for an update later today.  


hopefully nowtv have sorted it all out

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many thanks for the help.


another update & restart and back to some normality. However as you stated the system is slower to respond when scrolling through menus and channels.


Maybe another update to resolve


Exactly the same for me, dazzermb; I have the old box with Freeview built in & this overnight update has rendered it almost unusable - it's incredibly slow & as you say, I can't even launch Entertainment channels from the TV guide, it just displays "Unknown Page Error"  😞  This really needs fixing ASAP.