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Re: NOW TV 4K Box replacement smart remote

@jam22 @schnapps 


I've been using an original smart stick remote (the one with gray directional button) successfully with my 4K box for yonks, because I'm repulsed by the pink button on the 4K remote. 😉


Re: NOW TV 4K Box replacement smart remote

Got the replacement remote today and although I had to use the Roku apps remote to turn the box on, as soon as I pressed sync it immediately started working and is fully functional, it even restored my IR settings for TV volume and standby (must be stored on the boxes memory)


The new remote doesn't have an internal buzzing sound when pressing down a button like my original remote.


I found out that while Now TV sticks only support RF remotes, any compatible boxes that support the RF remote and come with one included, will also still work with IR remotes as the boxes still have an IR receiver.  If the battery life of my new remote is still terrible, I think i'll get an IR remote instead, it wont support voice search but I hardly use it anyway.


Re: NOW TV 4K Box replacement smart remote

  • Hi so will the voice enhanced controller work with the now plus box too? I use the roku app with it just fine but it is a pain to get the phone out just to change channel and I have an offer of grey enhanced controller.
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