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Information Bar (Pressing OK while in Programme) in Entertainment Pack

I've started noticing that when I press OK whilst watching any of the channels in the Entertainment pack to view programme details, that the Now (orange bar) and Next (grey bar) and the programme synopsis are blank, the only way I can find out what the programme is (if I don't know what it is), how long it has left and what's next is by pressing the back arrow and going back to the TV Guide.


Is this a result of the last software upgrade or that the box is on its way out? (its about 18 months old)


Thanks in advance for any responses.

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Elite 3

@StevePNicolaW I've had similar problems in the last week. The progress bar indicating how far you are through a programme hasn't moved and if I scroll down through the channels while live TV is playing the other channels are blank. If I select one of those blank channels the box restarts. The only way to change channel is to back out to the TV guide.


iam also getting same thing was on live chat this morning they removed my sticks then put them back on will have to wait to see it has fixed it.