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Get in touch button not working

Can someone from NOWTV explain to me: -


1) Why I have been automatically subscribed and charged for a service I don't want (Kids Month Pass), without my consent.

2) How the bloody hell can I contact customer services to resolve this issue when the 'Get In Touch' button isn't working (have tried from 3 different browsers).


Basically why are you charging me for a service I didn't sign up to.  This is totally unethical and illegal.


I don't think I'lI ever make the mistake of using this shower of s*it company again.

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Re: Get in touch button not working

Has anyone been able to get in touch with customer service? They've taken my 5 month voucher off my account even though there was at least 4 months to go, not great customer service as you can't get through to them!

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