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Feature request: add Roku Media Player channel

@NowTV, is this the right place to request new apps? Can you please enable the Roku Media Player app:

If the NowTV w/Freeview box could play media from a USB drive, it would be a nearly perfect set-top box.

I don't understand why the USB playback feature is deliberately disabled, when similar Roku devices support it.


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Dear No Name (or is it Dash)


I raised this same idea some years back, back when this forum had an Ideas Section, and although it got lots of support from other forum members, it was essentially a Dead Duck


The idea was ignored, i.e. devoid of any official "yeah or nay" comment, until it died along with the Ideas Section


Personally, I believe the idea itself was against Sky/Now TV policy, but since they never said anything either way, just had to let it go (never to be spoken of again). 


Crying Emoji 2.jpgUK Bob