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This month I recently removed an old Roku device and added my wife's ipad thinking she could then use it to cast to the tv where we have a chromecast plugged in. However, unbeknown to me Now tv removed the funtionality for ipads to cast Now tv. I then promptly removed the app from the ipad as this would not work for my family if it couldn't cast to the tv (only my android phone has the app now but I'm at work during the day). This has now been logged as my one change of device per month. This is an issue because people who use Now tv will invariably have multiple devices that they want to use it on like Netflix. Currently I have two chromecast devices and my phone.

Can I please request that my change of device cap be removed for one more change (so I don't have to wait 'til March) as I'm planning to get one of the new 4k Now tv boxes. But at this moment I can't add anymore devices for the month.


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Re: Device cap limitation cap

No doubt some helpful soul will assist you shortly and add a device change for you, but the larger question is why does this exist at all.

We will be told its down to licensing with studios, but everyone knows this is complete guff as no other streaming service operates in this manner.  Once Disney starts pulling all the content for its own platform and everyone starts making use of 5G speeds to stream to mobile devices then NowTV will be left wondering what went wrong, when all along the answers were being posted in their own community forums.

We are a family of 4, with at least 11 devices that I can think of from the top of my head that access Netflix and Amazon regularly.  I hardly ever pay full price for a month of entertainment of movies from NowTV as I simply dont think its worth it because of the device limit and SD resolution.

With Netflix and Amazon, for less than £10 a month each I can access content on any of my devices, in HD, 4k, with dolby digital or atmos for the cinema room too.

With NowTV, entertainment and movies full price would be more than I am paying for Netflix and Amazon prime combined, and for SD content limited to 4 devices?

Make it 4k & HD and remove the daft device limit and I'd gladly pay the full monthly price, but not a chance its worth it for SD and crippled device limits.

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