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Device Swap Debacle

This is the first time I have ever posted on a forum, but I was so cross..more with myself,  I think! I decided to upgrade my two smart boxes to the new 4k ones,  so splashed out &  bought two at the weekend. I was setting them up tonight.. I deleted the two old ones and attempted to set up the two new ones, thinking there was something about being able to swap one & add one, which was obviously wrong. Now I am left without one in my lounge for the next two weeks, as I could only add one and now can't add the other one until 1st December. I am sure this is a repeat of many a person before me.. I do understand the restriction to a certain number of devices,  but not the fact that you can't swap them. I am gutted that I have paid out for two new devices and not only can I not use one, but I am down a device as I can't reinstate one of the old ones.  As I said at the beginning.. I am more cross with myself for misunderstanding this, but also extremely disappointed with the system!!! 

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Re: Device Swap Debacle

I'm going through a similar thing now I think the issue is that it allows you to remove devices from the list even if you are not allowed to add a new one so the registered device no longer shows up in the list although it still works if you try and use it?

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