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Crackling sound

Hi there, 


I have the Now TV 4K box. Have not watched it for a few days but now the sound is crackling. Does anyone else have this issue and if you fixed it, how?


Thank you 🙂

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Couple of things you could try.


1. Go into the NowTV box settings and play around with the Audio settings (start with stereo).


2. When watching something on your NowTV Pass press the star * button on your NowTV remote where a Volume mode option will appear on screen (toggle between the different modes) and see if the off mode makes any difference.


3. With the power switched off to both your television and box temporary disconnect the HDMI cable at both ends.


4. Try another HDMI port on your television and another HDMI cable between the television and NowTV box. 


5. Test the box on a different TV if you have one.


I had this I solved it by doing a soft reset through settings


I have a Now smart stick but should work with a box