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Continue watching

Does anyone know why if I press the ok button while watching a boxset on my LG tv I get the option of watch something else ie more episodes,continue watching,watch list but this is not on the new stick update??

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Re: Continue watching

Hi @Patrickhughes 


Try this has an alternative work around method (not ideal but should work once you get used to it)..


Firstly add the TV shows that you are either currently watching or intrested in to view at a later date in your Watchlist.


Then from the Watchlist on the new Home Screen layout start watching something by clicking on it, then you should see options such has Continue Watching, More Episodes, More Like this.


Then click on Start Watching or Continue Watching where you last left off, then pause and click on the back button and you should then see again Continue Watching, More Episodes, More Like This or Remove from My TV on the screen page.


What i am tending to do now with the new look layout is to stick everything that i am viewing or want to watch in my Watchlist Folder and use the Continue Watching folder on the home screen purely has an on screen reminder that the next episode is up and available to watch on the NowTV service.



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