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Connecting wifi

Got a new box (pink) wont let me connect to wifi puts a red x on ..says about adding the mac ip address if is about a foot away from modem..

How do you add a ip address so im able to move box around house to use in other rooms..

Many thanks.


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@Anonymous User 


Silly question but, have you entered the wi-fi name and password in your new pink box?


Plus, you new box will not work properly if you move it too far from your modem.

Anonymous User
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Hi.yeah did that comes bk cant connect to wifi sometinhg about router blocking mac address and a code 014.40..

How would i add the mac ip address

Many thanks.louise.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Out of curiosity who is your Internet Service Provider and are you using the Router supplied by your ISP ?


Are you using any VPN service or using any software on your Router that is blocking any websites that you have added manually on your Router ?


i have never encountered this problem myself though i have seen it crop up in the past on the forum quite a few times.


You could try this on the link below if you are seeing error 014. 


Should that not help, then the only other things you could try is switch the power off on your Router for about 30 minutes or try resetting your Router back to default or maybe see if the box will connect to a smartphone over a wifi hotspot, then after the box has updated the software and ready to go, disconnect the wifi off your phone and try reconnecting again on your Router wifi.


Or if practically possible in your setup try an Ethernet cable between the NowTV box and your Router.


Apart from that i have run out of ideas.



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Thanks 4 reply

I managed to do it in the end was something to do with my tv and a little help from my daughter..

Thank you.