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Blue box

I have the blue NOW TV box and it has just stopped working completely randomly! Last night when I turned it on all the BBC channels seemed to have disappeared and now this morning, all the channels seem to have disappeared and will not scan. I have completed a full factory reset etc (I think) but cannot seem to get it to work at all

I'm wondering if someone would be able to advise me on how to fix it please

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Re: Blue box

Hi @plsHelpMexox 


Have you checked the aerial connection to the box ?


What happens if you connect the aerial directly into your television inbuilt Freeview tuner and undertake a TV channel scan on your television, then does all the Freeview channels show or not ?


Also check this website to see if there is any issues or planned maintenance of the TV transmitter in your regional area. 


To factory reset the NowTV Freeview Smart box, you can either go into the box menu settings where there is an option to factory reset the device or flip the box over and underneath the box there is a small reset button which you need to hold in for about 15 to 20 seconds.



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