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NOW TV Device Help and Info

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We've compiled some of the top questions that you’ve asked us about compatible devices on NOW TV


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Device General Queries


Device Help and Troubleshooting


Device Management 

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NOW TV Device General Queries

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Which devices are compatible with NOW TV?

See here for a full list of compatible devices with NOW TV Movies, Sports and Entertainment


Which internet browsers work with NOW TV on a PC/Mac?

NOW TV is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox


Which Android devices can I use to view NOW TV?

We support all Android phones and tablets running Android operating system 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) and later. 


What Roku devices can I use to view NOW TV?

You can view NOW TV on Roku LT (Purple), Roku 2 XS (Black) and Roku 3


What’s the picture quality on each device with NOW TV?

Streaming quality varies between devices and internet connection


Can I watch NOW TV through my TV set?

You can use games consoles, set-top boxes and the NOW TV Box to view through your TV


Do any devices support 5.1 Surround Sound with NOW TV?

Currently NOW TV does not support 5.1 surround sound on any devices


Can I connect my iPad to a TV and watch NOW TV on it?

See this page for everything you need to know about Airplay Mirroring on IOS


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NOW TV Device Help and Troubleshooting

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What do I do if I see "error getting video information" when using NOW TV?

If you’re seeing this message, please complete the steps in the link


I'm seeing the error "Sorry, you have exceeded your permitted number of simultaneous streams" on NOW...

This message will appear when you attempt to view NOW TV on a third device at the same time


NOW TV PC and Mac fullscreen playback help

To enable fullscreen, hover anywhere near the bottom of the playback window, and the control bar will pop up. 


Why can’t I download content on NOW TV and watch it later?

You're unable to download NOW TV content and watch offline.

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Device Management

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How many devices can I use with my NOW TV account?

You can register up to four devices on your NOW TV account and make one change each calendar month.


How do I add or remove a device from my NOW TV account?

Click here for a handy guide to managing your registered devices on your NOW TV account.