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Whilst I enjoying paying alot less than I was paying Sky and BT.  It comes with a catch.  Our signal is rubbish.  The black box for tv has to be switched off and back on again at least every two days sometimes more.  The broadband signal is so slow even where there is just one person trying to use the internet.  I do not know what the problem is and to be quite frank I am sick of it and so is the rest of the family.  We purchased the higher priced package so that we weren't trying to connect all the time.  The black box for the tv is in the living room.  The router/modem whatever you want to call it is kept in the hallway, as it was when we had BT and Sky.  Most of the time there is one person using tv and the internet with a tablet.  This can make for slow browsing, pixels on the tv.  I am complaining now as I think it will be worse at Christmas when the family is altogether.  What exactly are we paying for and why is the signal so crap compared to other brands?

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Okay, just to add, it's mid-day and so far today the black box has lost signal 8 times in two hours and has had to be reset once. 

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Welcome to the forum. It could be something as simple as the wireless channel your router is set to has too much interference, try rebooting the router to force it to choose the best wifi channel, and also make sure both it and the NOW TV box are in an open, clear space as much as possible (not on crowded shelves, inside cabinets,men T to sources of interference etc).


However I'd recommend giving the broadband team a call, they can test the line and router and also offer further advice. Calls are free.

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