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NOW TV Combo


NOW TV Combo Help and Info

What is the NOW TV Combo? Want to find out more information about our NOW TV Combo. Click this link here and find out.   How do I switch to NOW TV Broadband? Find out how to switch to NOW TV Broadband.   How do I set up my NOW TV Hub? Follow the step...

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The NOW TV Combo is now available

Introducing the NOW TV Combo   From today, the NOW TV Combo - the UK’s first ever no contract  TV, broadband and calls bundle - is available to buy from   Now you can get reliable unlimited broadband and calls starting from just...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Notice for cancellation

Hi,  I have purchased the NowTV Combo and I'd like to find out more information about how I would go about cancelling it in the future. I will need it for either 9 or 10 months. How much notice do I need to give before I want to cancel it? Thanks!

Multiple devices with monthly combo package

Hi,  I have sky tv at the minute, and also pay for now tv movies which we stream via PS4 and I pay for entertainment package also as my kids watch it from their xboxes in their rooms.I'm almost up with my sky contract and thinking about going for the...

Resolved! Broadband speedtest 1Mb!!!!!!

Got connected today, nowtv streams fine however, shows 1Mb, i was expecting 13Mb, Why? .  Its not whose online at busy times,  i did have 52Mb fibre with BT which was fie but they wanted a fortune hence the switch

Problems signing up to Now TV broadband

Currently with Talk Talk and in trying to sign up to Now Tv.Every time I try online, can't get past the product availability section once confirmed address and land line number.Plus net, BT, Virgin have no issues, just now tv.Called up to be told the...

What is my account details?

I have ordered now tv combo, received the router etc, but I am confused as I have tried logging into my account it's saying I don't have outstanding order and it's asking me for my bank details when I try to look at my account!! But I have these when...

Broadband issues !

Hi there, my broadband and phone were supposed to go live on the 1st Septmeber, unfortunately it still isn't working. My mobile can detect the wifi network but a connection failure appears in my phones browser each time.I have checked all connections...

Still no broadband after the connection date

Broadband and phone should have gone live on the 1st, it is now 8pm on the 2nd and still nothing, very disappointed with the service, checked everything countless times, tried connecting countless times to find that I can connect to the wifi but ther...


I am with sky and I want to change to now tv how do I do this please 

Resolved! Can some help me.

I have just received the NOW Smart TV Box. I have made an account on the NOW Web Page I have connected the NOW Box with Power Cable, Ethernet Cable and HDMI Cable.  Unfortunately all I keep getting is "NO SIGNAL" Can someone please advise what I am d...