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Which TV content does not require TV license to watch in a Now tv combo plan



Now TV combo No contract has broadband and entertainment pass. 

But on the website when I login, there is no specific instruction about which TV programmes need TV license and which do not.

I do not have a TV license, can I use entertainment pass or should I cancel the pass which cam complementary.

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@Anonymous User


Hi Paddy


The easiest way to answer your question is for you to read the article linked to the following URL:



UK Bob

Legend 5
Legend 5

Iplayer, Freeview, Now live channels and ITV hub live steam all need licence.
All other catchup and on demand don't.
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for getting in touch.


@4268 and @ukbobboy have given some great information. You can find more on our Help site: click here, and on the TV Licensing website: click here.


To confirm, on the NOW TV app, you only need a TV licence if you watch the live channels. On demand (catch up or box set) content can be watched without needing a TV Licence.


On the NOW TV Box, you will need a TV licence to use BBC's iPlayer. You'll also need one if you watch any live channels either on free to air or on the apps for ITV, Channel 5, etc.


Hope this makes sense - give us a shout if you have any further questions. 🙂