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TIER 2 & “3rd PARTY” ISSUE!!?

Ordered the combo (only really wanted the broadband) but all sounding good. Ordered over the phone, they done a line test and detected and NTE.. so should be straight forward! gave a date of 7 days, an hour later this changed to 10 days.. I thought ok, fair enough, I can live with 10 days.. kit arrived promptly, all ready to go.. my activation date was set for 21st (Saturday, yesterday).. I was in all day, keeping an eye on the portal. Early afternoon I messaged the online chat, very unhelpful, said no update, wait until midnight.. early evening I began to become to become sceptical (I’m an ex BT engineer, so I knew by 6pm on a Saturday if they hadn’t done it, it wasn’t happening!), called NOWTV and asked them to check for any Openreach notes, they were sure there wasn’t any notes and insisted it would be on by midnight.. woke up this morning, the portal still claims my phone and broadband package will be live by Midnight 21st... it’s now the 22nd.. so I phoned again, and they reluctantly looked at the notes and claimed there is a “3rd party” issue.. I have to wait up to 72 hours for a tier 2 update.. I asked who is the third party? no answer, what is the issue? No answer... useless.. I have dial tone, so an end-to-end connection from the exchange is clearly proved, just no broadband!! So my activation date was changed twice, I’m now pending a 72 hour wait for tier 2 to even look at the situation.. I explained I work from home and have an IT exam this Friday, therefore, internet access is vital.. they didn’t seem bothered.. I’ve requested a manager call me, haven’t heard anything.. meanwhile the portal still states everything will come live yesterday.. please can a moderator escalate this, as said above, I need internet access for an upcoming exam & work!!

I am very concerned that it will be a case of the FTTC jumpering is not complete in the PCP cab, as by doing a ‘line test’ when ordering, this detects a socket on the end, so no engineer has been sent out..

I can’t wait days for a tier 2, then days if not weeks for openreach to deal with it.. seriously regretting ordering now...
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Forgot to mention, from the many forum posts it sounds like 3rd party issues is the generic explanation for all problems..