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Strange Broadband behaviour

I've got a strange problem with my fibre at the moment, and I can't really identify where the problem is.


Got the Super Fibre and it's been great since we moved into the hosue at the end of July.  It's a large house and I've got quite a few TP-link powerline adapters to various parts of the house.  Another goes to a server I have which hosts a small game server for a couple of friends and I, as I say, everything has been great, until now...


Sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning something has changed, and the connection to the server has slowed right down.  If I connect to it using the LAN IP, 192.168.whatever, speeds are fine, so I know the connection from my PC to the server via PC-powerline-router-powerline-server is fine.  But if I use the external IP from within the LAN, or friends use it from outside, the speeds are painfully slow, 100KB/s ish.  At the same time, streaming stuff from NowTV on an appleTV device from our bedroom has gone terrible, very poor quality and frequent drop outs.  Admitedly this device is on wireless, and it's a fair way from the router, but it has been fine up until now and locations of the devices hasn't changed.


What this suggests to me is an internet speed issue, however, a test gets me the same speed as I've been getting beforehand, 65MB/s down and 18MB/s or so up, which should obviously be fine.


So really, I'm not sure what the problem is.  Does anyone have any ideas?



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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


The poor wireless performance on your ATV could be down to wifi interference, the Hub isn't a great performer with respect to wifi so in a large house I'm not surprised if there's some issues - running an Ethernet cable might be your best bet. A different wifi channel might help, especially if your neighbour's have been changing theirs. Check the wifi channel you are on currently, then reboot the Hub and it should chose a different wifi channel if a better one is available. You can always manually select the old channel if need be.


You could also try powering down the router for a good 10-15 mins. On booting back up you should be allocated a new external IP address which might help.


To check your line speed log into your router from a browser at (username and password is admin and nowtv unless changed) then go to the Maintenance tab. Here you can see,the upload and download connection speed at the router. If these look OK it's probably not an issue with the line, although you can give the Combo Team a call if you still have any concerns and they can test the line for you, but if the issue isn't with the line of hub they won't be able to offer support for the rest of your setup.


If everything is looking good and you've not made any changes to the Hub then I'm not going to suggest messing around with the rest of your setup. There's probably one or two 'networking experts' on the forum who might be able to talk you through some things when they come along but on the whole this isn't a particularly techy forum so I'd also recommend posting the issue and your setup on one of the more technical forums out there where there's likely to be many more knowledgeable people who can help you.


Hopefully you get sorted one way or the other!