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Payments still being taken after accounts closed



I cancelled all of my accounts a couple of months ag, but payments are still coming out of my account.  I am trying to get hold of someone at NOWTV but the CONACT US link is broken, there is no live chat available and I can't find an email address or phone number.  


As far as I can tell, I haven't authorised any of these payments, and I have no direct debit or standing order set up, so they have been taken without my consent or knowledge. 

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Andy Legend 5
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Re: Payments still being taken after accounts closed



Welcome to the forum. 

The following help page might help you track down where the payments are coming from..

Also have a word with live chat, explain what's happened and see if they can refund you, they are open 8am-midnight on the following link


I would also recommend enabling your Payment PIN in any accounts you have, this will prevent accidental or unauthorised payments in the future.

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