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New NowTV Router vs old O2 wireless router box



Newish NOWTV Combo user, moved over from Sky (who swallowed up O2 Broadband in 2013)


very pleased with Nowtv combo service


Never made use of NOWTV router as my old O2 router was fine and everything was connected.


I have a laser printer in the living room and want to stick it in the garage, but doesnt have wifi and I dont have ethernet in there.


So am planning to use my spare NOWTV router as a wifi connector to it.


Or should I use the O2 wireless box instead?


Its much older and may be slower????


How can I compare router performance between them?


My broadband speed is decent at 10Mbps with the O2 router.





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@Anonymous User  unless your garage is not next to your house WiFi should cover it, Wifi has a reasonable range.  I can see my neighbours' WiFi for example.   I take it you cannot connect when in there?  It may be the Now router has a better wifi range than the old router. Though other factors may be stopping you connecting.

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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


Strictly speaking the terms of service say you need to be using the NOW TV router as your connection. The router as you're probably aware is a modified Sky router which haven't had great reviews for their range, but I'd suggest having a look on the Sky community forum and do a search for posts on the subject there as they have a much bigger user base where broadband is concerned.