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Community Manager

NOW TV Combo Help and Info

What is the NOW TV Combo?

Want to find out more information about our NOW TV Combo. Click this link here and find out.


How do I switch to NOW TV Broadband?

Find out how to switch to NOW TV Broadband.


How do I set up my NOW TV Hub?

Follow the steps below or click the link for more information.


  1. Connect one end of the grey (ADSL) cable to the router, and the other end to a microfilter (Small white box)
  2. Connect the microfilter to the telephone socket, preferably the master socket
  3. Connect the power cable to the router and switch on the power on the router
  4. Plug in to the mains and switch on


How do I move NOW TV Broadband to my new home?

Are you moving house and want to take NOW TV Broadband with you? Find out how here.


How do I cancel NOW TV Broadband?

You may need to contact us in order to cancel NOW TV Broadband. See this help article for more information.

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