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DO NOT GET NOW TV BROADBAND!! (until you read this)

NOW TV is an AMAZING TV offering, no doubt about it and for that, I LOVE it!  The actual fibre/broadband service in itself is also brilliant, there’s no problem with the actual fibre and speed.  What IS APPALLING is the ABSOLUTELY HORRIFCALLY BAD & OUT OF DATE TECHNOLOGY of the ROUTER!!!   For this reason, SERIOUSLY consider switching your internet service to NOW TV.


Pretty much ALL other internet service providers now offer a modern DUAL BAND router, whereas NOW TV are stuck in the early 2000’s and only provide a very very bad SINGLE BAND router.


At this point, you might be wondering, “what exactly is a dual band router?” A dual band router basically utilizes 2 different signals, one from the 2.4 GHz band and the other from the 5 GHz band. 


In short a dual band router is MUCH MUCH faster and better than an old single band router!  Also, you'll get a better range from a dual band router, it'll reach further in your home.


A single band router only uses the 2.4 GHz band, while the dual band router uses both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.  The 2.4 GHz band only has three non-overlapping transmission channels making it vulnerable to interference from nearby electronic gadgets such as microwave ovens, cellular phones, Bluetooth devices, cameras, Wi-Fi hotspots, televisions, and much more.  The 2.4 GHz becomes cluttered and bogged down. To make the situation worse, these sources of interference can all compound together in busy environments such as large cities, apartment complexes, business offices, etc.


Here are just some advantages of using a dual band router:


  • Up to 100x the wireless bandwidth (Picks up both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands)
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi Network for Video and Gaming
  • Separate networks avoid interference - two separate Wi-Fi networks operating simultaneously

Dual band will get your network’s performance to where you need it to be, simple as that. Dual band is better for closer range and higher bandwidth activities because of its premium signal quality.


Do you have multiple family members streaming video such as in NOW TV!!!! Or catch up TV, iPlayer, etc (the WHOLE purpose of the NOW TV combo!!!) , or playing games online at the same time? Is streaming high-definition video a must?  Do you plan to stream lots of content to an iPad?  Are you moving high volumes of data for your home office (maybe you do medical billing from home, for example, and process lots of digital data). If any of these apply, then you’re a good candidate for a dual-band router, which if you’re reading this, the answer is YES you ARE a candidate for a dual band router, because most of this applies to NOW TV!!!!


So, people at NOW TV HQ – please don’t just ‘take note’ or ‘take this on board’ or ‘take these comments seriously’…..  actually take ACTION and supply a decent modern Dual Band router that will do the job, otherwise our NOW TV will constantly BUFFER, LAG, PIXELATE ETC and people will moan that the NOW TV service is RUBBISH and the fibre offering is rubbish when it actually isn’t.  I’ve tried telling people NOW TV is great and they say “oh no way, their internet is SO bad”… it’s NOT the internet that’s bad is it!!!!!  It’s your RUBBISH outdated router, it’s NOT doing you any favours, most people will think it’s the service overall that’s rubbish.  SO, why don’t you invest in a decent Dual Band router that will do a great job and actually make people WANT to move to NOW TV?  Why are you sticking with such a poor router KNOWING that it’s bad and KNOWING that your customers are having a bad experience with it?


I’ll repeat this:


Please don’t just ‘take note’ or ‘take this on board’ or ‘take these comments seriously’…..  actually take ACTION and supply a decent modern Dual Band!!!!

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I use a sky q router,its plug and play so connects straight away with no setup needed.The router is easily and cheaply available.