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Broadband speed

I've had to contact them twice. Upload speed at it's highest is 0.81Mbps it's taking up to twenty minutes to send an email it's disgusting. They (NowTv) said and I quote " We Do Not Concentrate on upload speed". So they can advertise a download speed of say 60 Mbps and yet the upload speed will be 0.81Mbps. where is the justification in this. Also why are they allowed to record calls even though I don't consent but when I've mentioned I record all calls they terminate the call? A cat 5 cable, which you use doesn't only work one way. Sky needs to get a grip. Disgusting. Going to lose custom with they standards. Yes I'm having a bad day and this is the straw that's broke the camels back so to speak. I am going to take my custom to a better provider if this isn't sorted. Yet it's easy to fix. STOP TESTING MY LINE (it doesn't need tested for ten days) I ONLY WANT YOU TO SORT MY UPLOAD SPEED. You know this is a con. They give you a reasonable download speed, restrict your upload soeed, in the hope you'll not complain but go onto a higher package ie fibre. I think this is some way to run a piggy-back company from sky. Tax relief springs to mind.
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Do you mean 0.81kbps? Reading your post it sounds like you're signed up for the Brilliant Broadband version (ie not Fibre) in which case 0.81Mbps upload speed sounds about about right (somewhere between 0.512Mbps and 1Mbps is usual unless you're used to fibre or cable providers) and you should have no trouble sending emails at that rate.