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disaponted with broadband set up

I have moved into a new propery and needed to get an internet deal which whould be active by the weekend due to me working from home at weekends, after spending a little time comparing different providers i came across NOW TV who said i would have active internet and phone line by the 8th December (this friday), once i filled out all the details and signed up the the package i was then sent an email stating my phone and broadband would be active on the 8th.

I then recieve a further email 2 and a half hours later now saying its been pushed back to the 11th.

This is costing me alot of money as means two days of no work and if i was told from the start that it wouldnt have been active untill the 11th i wouldnt have chosen this provider.


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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. Don't know if they would be able to do something or not, but have you tried giving the broadband team a call and explaining your situation and what's happened? Probably the best way for you to see if there's anything they can do. I think they are open until 8pm.