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Re: Cancellation

the-nadger wrote:



Go to My Account/My passes where one can cancel.

Best done from PC or Laptop

Starting.   My. Account.  bUT. Not.  Ordered

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Re: Cancellation

Bency (25/01/2017, 10:49:01): Thanks for contacting NOW TV, you are talking to Bency. How can I help?
Me (25/01/2017, 10:49:34): I took a free offer movie pass and cancelled the day before it expired, now you are trying to take payment. How do I stop that?
Bency (25/01/2017, 10:50:12): Hi there.
Bency (25/01/2017, 10:50:20): I'll help you with this.
Bency (25/01/2017, 10:50:29): Let me check your account please.
Bency (25/01/2017, 10:52:30): I've cancelled the pass, henceforth you'd not be charged unless you reactivate the pass.
Me (25/01/2017, 10:53:02): Thanks. But I had already cancelled it and if it were not for out-of-date bank details you'd have charged me.
Me (25/01/2017, 10:53:21): The forums are full of people complaining about this. I don't think I will activate again.
Bency (25/01/2017, 10:54:15): I don't find any charges on your account?
Me (25/01/2017, 10:54:47): Correct. Because my credit card has expired. If it had not you would have charged me. Attempted theft.
Me (25/01/2017, 10:55:38): Anyway, thanks for helping.
Bency (25/01/2017, 10:55:40): You've the pass till 2017-01-26 08:28:25
Me (25/01/2017, 10:56:08): I cancelled it on Monday
Bency (25/01/2017, 10:56:20): We would have only taken the payment after the expiry, its just that we get in touch with bank before the expiry.
Me (25/01/2017, 10:56:37): It expired over a year ago
Bency (25/01/2017, 10:57:04): I'm talking the about the pass on your account.
Bency (25/01/2017, 10:57:24): Do you have the cancellation email with you ?
Me (25/01/2017, 10:57:29): The pass was a one month free pass, I cancelled the day before the pass expired.
Me (25/01/2017, 10:57:44): I did not receive a cancellation email. I got the 'sorry to see you go' page though.
Me (25/01/2017, 10:58:05): The credit card attached to my account expired over a year ago.
Bency (25/01/2017, 10:59:29): Okay, the pass was not cancelled, hence we tried to contact bank for the next renewal.
Bency (25/01/2017, 10:59:47): Need not to worry, henceforth you'd not be charged.
Me (25/01/2017, 11:00:27): Right. Well I am glad it is sorted but I should not have had to contact you to do so. Its a problem that you need to fix.
Me (25/01/2017, 11:00:39): Goodbye
Bency (25/01/2017, 11:00:57): Sorry you feel that way.
Bency (25/01/2017, 11:01:01): Have a lovely day.

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Re: Cancellation

can somebody help with a account that i cancelled months ago but still taking money! WHY?

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Re: Cancellation

Hi and welcome to the forum @andydgan,


After officially cancelling your subscription or subscriptions (by accessing the 'My Passes' area of your 'My Account'), you will have been sent a confirmation email or emails.


This being the case, provided you have not viewed any content (which the NOW TV people will thoroughly check) you should be able to get all (or a proportion) of your subscription payments returned/refunded to you by contacting a NOW TV representative via the forums 'Live Chat' facility.


The easiest way of accessing 'Live Chat' is by using a Windows or Mac computer, along with various many makes and models of mobile phones and tablets (provided their screen resolution is high enough). Here's what you need to do: -


  • Click on the following: How To Contact NOW TV link.
  • Click on the blue 'Start Live Chat' button on the left of the web page.
  • A new 'What can we help you with today?' pop-up window should open up.
  • Click on the 'Request Chat' button.



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Re: Cancellation


I cancelled my monthly subscrition 2 months ago, checking my bank statement you are still taking my payments,

I used the process as described on this website.

Can someone please explain why the payments are still going out?




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Re: Cancellation

Hi @Ianbec123



As this relates to an account query you would be best speaking with the live chat team so that they can confirm your details and then help you out with the issue. Live chat is available in the link on the post above.