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Andy Legend 5
Legend 5

Re: Annoying popup and dimming of screen

@Treo Not sure which device you watch on, but for instance a quick tap of the back button on the NOW TV remote removes the pop ups on the NOW TV box, something similar should work on most devices. Not ideal, but best we can do until NOW TV change things.

NOW TV Team Mary-E

Re: Annoying popup and dimming of screen

@Andy @Treo


Thanks for flagging, let me see what I can find out about this. 


**update** the timecode for the pop up is generated automatically. Ep 2 of Babylon Berlin has been manually updated. 

Feel free to tag me in content related queries!

Re: Annoying popup and dimming of screen

Why don't you just give an option somewhere to either have the feature turned on or off then people won't get annoyed and also have to waste their time reporting it to get fixed? It's a simple thing to do.


I recently purchased entertainment and movies package for 12 months. Started watching only the second film and the button has popped up and stuck in the way less than half way through it. If it happens again on the next film I'll be asking for a refund and just cancel the whole thing as I'm still well in the 14 day cooling off period. Other than that major annoyance everything else seems great but I honestly can't put up with buttons being stuck on screen when it's such a simple fix that you don't appear able or willing to provide.

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