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Re: "Watch something new" pop up

Thanks @Rg001c7345


Will get that passed on for you.



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Re: "Watch something new" pop up

I came here to find out how to switch off the "Watch the next episode"/"Watch something new" pop-up. But it seems there's no way to turn if off? I don't understand why anyone would think it was a good idea to have such a thing in the first place? How is it supposed to benefit anyone?


It's just annoying, so please get rid of it. It was a stupid idea.

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Re: "Watch something new" pop up

@Akiyama74  unfortunately you can't switch it off.   Trouble is you got one group clamouring for a quick way of watching the next episode as per netflix/amazon so they installed in it.  Then you get others who find it very annoying.  If you notice on any program it comes up before the end credits it is wise to flag that up on here so the Now technical team can move when it comes up.

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Re: "Watch something new" pop up

Here we are in 2019 and you STILL haven’t fixed it

There is no way this something you fix show by show or episode by episode.

please fix the whole problem. After 4 years of customer feedback you surely should have done this simple thing. 

Never a problem with Netflix or Amazon !!


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Re: "Watch something new" pop up

This is the closest to my issue. 30sec INTO the program I am currently watching (video killed the radio star s3e1) I am stuck with a "watch next episode" pop up in the middle of the screen!


Can't dimiss it only flip to new episode.


This needs to be fixed asap! 

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