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cant cancel pass as it is not showing in my passess

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Hi @Anonymous User 


What type of NowTV Pass are you trying to cancel that you can't find on your account ?


I am assuming the pass is not through a third party such has Vodafone for example ?


I am guessing you are logged in on here to cancel the pass with the correct NowTV account details (you will be surprised how many people have created more than one account for various reasons).


I would double check the login details on your playback devices by going into the NowTV App on your playback devices, where under My Account on the App it should identify what email address or username used.


Reading some tweets over on NowTV Twitter a few customers can't access their accounts or cancel passes or change their password, where they need to get in touch with NowTV.


To reach NowTV use this link page below and if live chat doesn't open or work after trying a different internet browser, then drop them a message on the web form in the same link page.