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Watchlist Issues

This appears to be affecting black boxes, white boxes, Windows 10 app and website login via all browsers and Roku boxes.


Why when adding series all the extra's are being added to the watchlist.


For example if you add Fortitude Series 1 via the add to my watchlist, it also adds the extra's.   When trying to remove these extra's it also removes the whole main series.

This happens on every show that has extra's.  Why is it doing this?

Also if you add the Walking Dead it also adds extra's that aren't available, this just fills the watchlist up.


This is a very poor interface even worse than Amazon and not a patch on Netflix.


NowTV need to up their game and get these bugs sorted ASAP.

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Legend 5

Re: Watchlist Issues



Welcome to the forum. Yep it's a bit of a pain, unfortunately there nothing we can do about it at the moment. NOW TV haven't said one way or the other whether the 'adding extras' when you add a show to watchlist is deliberate or not, but the unavailable content showing is a bug which they are aware of. No idea when it will be fixed though.