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Suddenly can't log in anymore

So 2 days ago my now tv boxes stopped working. I also found I could only log on to my account on my phone if I switched off my WiFi.

7 hours over 2 days working with my broadband provider technicians and also a paid gadget rescue service. Factory resets, changing hdmi portal, unblocking ip address, disabling pings. Still nothing!

I've tried to talk to now tv in online chat, 5 times, cut off every time!!!

My broadband provider is virginmedia, they believe that now tv are blocking them. Which doesn't help me as I'm paying for passes I can't use.

I took my box to my friend's house last night and it worked fine, she has BT broadband.

Anyone have any solutions please? 

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Re: Suddenly can't log in anymore

I am having similar problems and am also with virgin media.  I have followed every suggestion I can find on the website but am getting nowhere.  I have tried to update the software using Secret Screen, but it can't update. It tells me it is connected to the my network and the signal strength is good, but then says there was a problem connecting to the network. I  just seem to be going around in circles and getting nowhere.

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