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Suddenly No Signal

All of a sudden im getting no signal or broken up blurry picture.


I updated the box and still nothing


I searched channels and have now have 35 channels only and havee lost alod of channels including BBC1 bb2 itv channel 4 channel.5 


Its really fustrating!!!

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schnapps Legend 4
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Re: Suddenly No Signal

Hi @Cc8 


I don't know if you have extremely bad weather where you are such has high winds which may have an effect with your TV reception if you are using an external aerial.


Also use this helpful website to see if there is any maintenance work or issues with the TV transmitters or relays in your regional area.


Sometimes a full factory reset works when you loose a lot of TV channels on the box (no guarantee it will improve things though).


To factory reset the box, go into the system settings and once reset setup the box again from scratch and re scan the TV channels.

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